Due to recent times, there has been increasing sentiment around the world in favor of a stronger, more caring personal connection on a day to day basis – this is what we provide for our clients.

Promotional events have been around for some time, especially in the retail sector and recently this type of marketing has become increasingly popular amongst our Fortune 100 and 500 clients. 

The Cause ATL provides brand awareness and community outreach across the Metro Atlanta Area. Although our pop-up events are not quite as exciting as a sporting event, we like to bring personality, professionalism, a sense of competition and fun to our client’s customer base.

The term pop-up event does exactly that! The Cause ATL events are temporary and unexpectedly located in unique spaces. They pop up and, after a few hours or days, they are taken down. By definition, most events are temporary. It is the element of surprise in unexpected locations that distinguish us from our competitors.